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Welcome to mylbag! ❤

Family and relationships can last long, strong, and never fade away; the most heart-touching stories always come out from the love.
The idea of Mylbag is also the same, coming out of the love for family and loved ones. Mylbag is a bag with soul and love. In the beginning, it was just for my mother and my partner. And now I want to pass the love forward and share this wonderful story with you. Mylbag is dedicated to creating and making the most convenient, secure and adorable mobile phone wallet & bag.

Brand Origin:
Six years ago, my mother often told me that as she got older, she’d often forget things easily. Sometimes it was her cell phone, and sometimes it was her money, coins, keys or cards. The memory problem troubled her.
At that moment, I knew what I was meant to do!
She could have had a small bag for all the essential items that she'd often take out with. But she couldn't make it. All she found were some large bags that could hold all the items, but the sizes were way too big. The memory problems always troubled her.
So I talked with my wife that we could make her a simple adorable money bag that were able to meet all her needs. I would select the materials, and my wife, a fashion designer, would trim and make the bag.
We made the bag through a series process of cutting, trimming, and designing of the details. Three days later, the first Mylbag bag came out. The reason that we came up with the name of Mylbag is that the bag was made out of the love for our mother, we love my mother.

Brand concept:
Convenience: Of all the styles of our Mylbag bags, easy to use is our first principle. Our concept is all items in one Mylbag, carry out the bag to anywhere at any time, no more worries about what you would forget.
Security: MylBag focuses on every single detail to keep your phone, your money and cards safe, as well as small coins, keys, and so on.
Love: Every single bag was made out of love, for bringing love and warmth to the family. Each bag was created in the name of love.
Environmental friendly: No matter what happens now or in the future, Mylbag bags are and will be always made of vegan leather. We insist on earth and animals protection. No real leather will be used; No animal hurting or killing.

Mylbag vision:
We are committed to making the most convenient mobile wallet & bag. In the near future, people will use our bags at any place, either they are going out for a walk, or shopping, having fun, etc. Enjoy the great moments with the family and the loved ones.
My vision is to make contribution on environmental protection through our efforts. Spreading our idea that people can have perfect leather bags without using the real leather or killing animals. Stop killing. When the buying stops, the killing can, too.
Our vision is to constantly optimize our design details to meet the different needs of different family, whether it is the need of the bag for glasses, or the need of uncommon models, we can make them for you, until you find yourself the right one that satisfies all your needs.

You can also join this movement. Having a convenient, safe, loving, environmentally friendly MylBag!